Many Purposes, One Focus!

Since 1959, Spartan Security Services has been providing unparalleled security services to commercial real estate properties, malls, owner-managed facilities, educational institutions, public venues, residential blocks and many other locations and events in the tri-state area from our corporate office in New York City and our branch offices.


Highly regarded by clients, Spartan has established a reputation as a security services company that embraces industry best practices and utilizes technology that provides transparency of service delivery and responsiveness. Building highly favorable relationships with communities and key external agencies around where we operate, we at Spartan work tirelessly to ensure the ultimate safety of all whom we serve, keeping true to our goal: Many Purposes, One Focus!



Delivery Model


Spartan uses technology to keep a constant watch on every aspect of our services. Using tools such as Valiant™ and Vantage™, among others, we keep abreast of technology that lets us deliver the best service possible.


In addition, a key ingredient in the mix of our service delivery model is ensuring that we recruit from the right sources and hire personnel who meet our exacting standards.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a number of security services to help our clients keep their premises and personnel secure. To this end, we can deliver a broad range of services to our clients.

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