Many Purposes, One Focus!


Our approach to providing a robust and quality service requires that the many facets of our delivery model come together well. This includes having a full understanding, from the outset, on what the customer requires by conducting a comprehensive “Security Survey.”


Hiring the right individuals and making sure they are well prepared to conduct the tasks they are assigned are critical to the success of the operation. Our procedures for vetting and selecting the right individuals follow our tried and tested process; and our training program makes sure that they are fully versed and knowledgeable, without leaving it up to chance, in what they are tasked to do. Together these ensure that we provide only the best of employees for your security needs.


The constant oversight by off-site regional management and corporate officers ensures that each and every account is monitored closely and any anomalies are corrected right away. Our Quality Assurance program checks provide valuable information from which corrective and/or preventive work action plans can be put in to play when needed.


Details of these processes and procedures, which form our service delivery model, are given below:


  • +  Security Survey

    Before beginning service at any client site, Spartan’s Director of Operations conducts a comprehensive security survey of the building or facilities. We furnish the survey results to our clients and collaborate with them to design post orders and job performance standards that ensure their requirements and expectations are fully met.


    This survey, along with our proactive approach to preparation and implementation in the pre-startup period, greatly contributes to a smooth transition.

  • +  Management Support

    Spartan has a proven program in place to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. This begins with ensuring that the correct management and supervisory structure is in place, then reinforcing it with the necessary processes and procedures that ultimately provide for a well-run program.


    For every client, Spartan provides a dedicated Account Manager to monitor security personnel on a daily basis. The Account Manager is our liaison for all site security issues; he or she maintains daily interaction with our clients’ management staff and has the authority to:


    Direct the site security team

    Act for Spartan when accepting notices of additional service requirements

    Report incidents to facility’s key contact person and Spartan’s 24-hour Operations desk

    Use Spartan’s emergency dispatcher 24/7


Communication is vital to establishing effective account management and customer relationships—we accomplish this through both ad-hoc and regularly scheduled meetings. Spartan’s Account Manager or supervisor meets regularly with our client and staff to discuss requirements (such as ongoing or future construction projects) to plan for any special needs.


Our offsite management team meets with our clients at regularly planned account review meetings to review data gathered from quality inspections and customer satisfaction surveys and to discuss other pertinent account matters. These meetings and the reports provided help us lay the foundation for excellent customer service.

  • +  Quality Assurance

    Spartan’s operations and account management staff design security services programs to meet the specific needs of our unique clients. We develop our programs based on information gathered from reviewing RFPs and specifications, conducting interviews with our client contacts, and creating staffing and service plans based on our experience in similar environments.

  • +  Measuring Performance

    All of us at Spartan strive to continually improve the quality of our services. To this end, we use a customer service satisfaction survey to help assess our performance at our client accounts. First, we enter into a consultative process with each client representative to customize these surveys to meet their needs. Our discussions center on details such as which medium to use, how frequently the surveys should be conducted, whether or not the questionnaires should be anonymous and how they should be distributed.


    Our objective is always to implement the surveys promptly after we begin providing services.

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