Many Purposes, One Focus!


Spartan selects only highly qualified and motivated employees in the local labor market. We achieve this through extensive screening, highly selective hiring and comprehensive orientation. Our recruiting efforts include advertising in local newspapers, employee referrals, community career centers, churches and civic organizations and other employment service centers, as well as interviewing existing site employees seeking employment opportunities.


    Spartan employs some of the most rigorous processes in the private security sector, including drug testing and background investigations, for employee screening and complying, where applicable, with the New York State Security Guard Act of 1992 and the New Jersey Security Officer Registration Act (SORA) of 2006. In addition, before being assigned to work, all new employees are fingerprinted, trained and processed for registration in accordance with the appropriate state law.


    Our screening process includes:


    In-Person Interview

    Every candidate seeking employment is interviewed in person. We rely on this one-on-one personal meeting to learn more about an individual candidate beyond what’s on his/her application.


    Drug Testing

    Spartan maintains a strict drug-free working environment in all its facilities. All newly hired employees, regardless of position, are required to pass a drug-screening test as a condition of their employment.


    Background Investigations

    Spartan performs statewide criminal conviction checking for full compliance with state guard licensing requirements. Additionally, we perform a nationwide criminal conviction check and verify all prior employment information to ensure that we choose the best candidate for each position.

  • +   TRAINING

    At Spartan, we have seen first-hand that employees conduct themselves and provide service in the best manner when we use a clearly structured training program and a reward system that recognizes and incentivizes individuals. Our lower-than-industry-average turnover rate exemplifies and reinforces our efforts in this vital area.


    Our comprehensive training program includes:


    Supervisory training

    Pre-assignment training

    Job and task-specific training

    Formal continuous training


    All Spartan certified training is provided by a Division of Criminal Justice Certified Training School (DCJS), with DCJS instructors and curriculum at our training centers in New York and by SORA-certified instructors in New Jersey.


    All Spartan instructors are certified, with a minimum of 10 years’ experience: most are former law-enforcement officers with experience in retail loss prevention and security for educational, hospital, governmental, industrial and corporate environments.


    Before an officer is assigned to any account, Spartan ensures their fitness through comprehensive testing and thorough training. We provide extensive classroom testing and we require officers to achieve a 90% score on more than 15 topics in order to be eligible for employment.


    Each officer completes 16 hours of on-the-job training within the first 90 days of employment. Prior to being assigned to a building or facility, officers receive in-house training on security essentials and dealing with emergencies and the public.


    Spartan’s security guards complete a minimum of:


    16 hours of in-service, on-the-job training prior to post assignment

    24 hours of approved training at a DCJS certified training center

    8 hours of additional site-specific classroom training

    16 hours of annual, ongoing training

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