Many Purposes, One Focus!


Spartan Security can provide you with the proper security technology to be used in conjunction with our quality security personnel. If your property is in need of a new technology solution or your existing systems need an update, our in-house expertise along with carefully chosen strategic partners will ensure that the appropriate mix of equipment and manpower is selected to provide a tailored solution for your security needs.


Whether it is guard patrol systems, CCTV or video monitoring, or entry control systems, Spartan will help you find the right tools to secure your organization and property.


Spartan employs the latest in technology, along with a host of records and reports, to help manage the provision of security services at various facilities. These include:


Valiant Vision™ Security Management System

Vantage Call-In System (Valiant-linked time verification)


Vision™: Security management system automates and streamlines the cumbersome steps of employee hiring, scheduling, payroll and billing. It creates the calculations for gross earnings for each employee based on hours worked at each location with all variable rules governing pay including state and locality taxes. Vision gives us the power to quickly and easily schedule, invoice, generate payroll, manage human resource issues and develop financial reports.


Vantage: The Vantage module of Valiant’s security management system records the actual attendance of security officers at their assigned posts. Through the use of authorized site phone numbers, officers call in to this system’s automated operator, which records their arrival and departure times at client assignments.


Vantage automatically interfaces with the Vision module so that the schedule created in Vision is adjusted for any actual variations in service provided. This results in accurate billing to our clients, as well as proper payment to our security force.


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